Jesus is behind all I do as a photographer. I feel the Lord reveals Himself to me through His nature and feel this is a gift that allows me to see the raw beauty of creation through His eyes. He even allowed me to photograph two miracles at once. Go to my “About Judy” page to view this unique photograph.

My favorite subject to photograph is bears, but I also love to photograph all wildlife, flowers, and birds—especially hummingbirds:) I also created the Hummingbird Trail at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia.  

I’ve given talks about hummingbirds, a talk about black bears, and various other presentations.

I live near Knoxville, Tennessee, and love photographing Tennessee’s wildlife and landscapes.

A Story Of Two Miracles:

Two Miracles

No one ever thinks they will have the opportunity to photograph two miracles at once much less see them. It was a day I will never forget!

The early morning of September 20th, 2013 started like a normal day at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. The garden is a beautiful, peaceful place and is my second home.

With my camera and tripod slung over my shoulder, I descended towards the iris garden. I knew what I wanted to photograph—the exquisite purple and white Japanese iris.

The perfect time to capture the shot I envisioned would be as the sun emerged over the treetops. As usual, I prayed, “Lord, show me or bring to me what You want me to photograph.” I wasn’t expecting His answer to be two miracles.

The stunning Japanese iris was finally open—its petals were decorated with dew.

“It’s’s coming.” The perfect light was almost peeking over the treetops. I needed to be ready. Hurriedly, I set up my tripod and pointed the camera at the iris. I couldn’t miss this shot.

Why the anticipation over a Japanese iris opening?

Shelly, a curator knew about my nature photography blog and thought I would like to hear a story. He wanted to show me something in the iris garden. An iris bud was about to open, and he began to tell me its significance.

Jason, a former worker at the garden, died in a car accident on September 18, 2012. His favorite flower was the Japanese iris. Shelly said he was the greatest person you’d ever meet.

The iris bloomed one year and a day after Jason passed away—the first miracle. Thousands of other iris plants surrounded the single bloom but had no flowers. The plant had been in the ground four or five years and never bloomed in September.

The story touched my heart—I knew this was one of God’s many miracles He still performs today.

What is the second miracle?

As the light peered over the trees that September morning, I was ready. With my camera and lens mounted on my tripod, I used a self-timer with a two-second delay to capture the shot. Photographing in this manner would not cause vibrations to the camera.

After I took a photograph, I looked on the back of my camera to see the image. I did this several times because I photographed the iris from various angles. I was in disbelief as I looked at the images. Did I see what I thought I saw? A hummingbird had fed on the Japanese iris! This second miracle was an enormous blessing.

I crumbled to the ground and cried. I said, “I am not worthy, I am not worthy!” The Lord knows hummingbirds are my favorite subject to photograph.

A little later, Shelly entered the iris garden. I knew he would be able to tell I had been crying, so I told him the miraculous story and showed him the image. He was in awe and mentioned the flower had bloomed the day before. He’s never seen a hummingbird in the iris garden.

Shelly left and brought a few workers with him so they could see the miracle image. He already told them the incredible story.

The odds of all these events happening are incalculable. It proves how big God is and how He cares for us and wants to be a part of our lives. The first miracle was to honor Jason. The second miracle was for me.

I am thankful for the two miracles He allowed me to photograph. It’s a day I will never forget!

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