Deer | Fawns | Elk - Judy Royal Glenn Photography

Jesus is behind all I do as a photographer. I feel the Lord reveals Himself to me through His nature and feel this is a gift that allows me to see the raw beauty of creation through His eyes. He even allowed me to photograph two miracles at once! To view this amazing photograph, go to my "About Judy" page.

My favorite subject to photograph is bears, but I also love to photograph all wildlife, flowers, and birds—especially hummingbirds:) I also created the Hummingbird Trail at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, I teach a class about hummingbirds and the trail, and I also lead Hummingbird Trail walks:) 

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Waitin’ on Ma!

This baby fawn waited quite a while for his mom to return while I was at Berry College. I kinda felt like I was fawn sitting. I watched her look everywhere for him, but she did not see him hidden in the grass.

I tried to get her attention to no avail. Funny thing—deer do not understand hand signals and what pointing means. After almost two hours, I left. I knew she would eventually find him.

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